The Outsiders Trust

All the money raised by the Sexual Freedom Awards goes to support The Outsiders Trust. The Outsiders Trust is a registered charity, which runs a number of services for socially and physically disabled people. These services include:

The Outsiders Club: A prestigious, international private club for socially and physically disabled people, which provides a comfortable forum where members can make friends, enjoy peer support, gain confidence and find partners. Membership is free and applicants are vetted to ensure no predators join up. The beautiful online Clubhouse encourages members to engage in online discussions, join groups, make personal contacts and meet each other face-to-face at regular lunches organised around the country. For more information about joining The Outsiders Club, visit the website.

SHADA (Sexual Health and Disability Alliance): A network intended to support heath and social care professionals who are working with disabled clients, helping them to enjoy a sex life. The Alliance meets twice a year in London. For more information about SHADA, visit the website.

TLC: An online resource to help disabled men and women access responsible sexual services. For more information, click here.

The Sex and Disability Helpline: A free telephone and email helpline that disabled adults and those who care for them can contact to ask about sexual matters. Lines are open from 11am-7pm on weekdays. To contact the helpline, call: 07074 993 527; or email:

The Sexual Respect Toolkit: An educational resource aimed at GPs and other health and social care professionals to encourage them to initiation conversations about sex with the people they work with. Among other things, the Toolkit includes a short instruction booklet, posters and an educational film. For more information or to obtain a Sexual Respect Toolkit, visit the website