2014 Finalists

Award categories

Campaigner of the Year:

Cari Mitchell – Active member and speaker of the English Collective of Prostitutes, fighting for the decriminalisation of prostitution – WINNER

Onscenity – Research group on sex in commerce, culture and everyday life; holds conferences and responds to public concerns

Laura Lee – Independent Escort based in Glasgow who speaks to the media and fights for sex worker's rights

Devotion to the Cause (Special Award)

Laura Lee – Independent Escort in Glasgow who speaks to the media and fights for sex workers rights – WINNER

Pioneer of the Year:

Sex Workers Opera – New group of sex workers and allies who perform musical events to publicise the stigma and challenges of sex work – WINNER

Joseph Kramer – Founder of the Body Electric School and Sexological Bodywork – an important new sexual service which he continues to teach in San Francisco, Europe, Australia, India and world-wide

Red Umbrella – Works with sex workers who wish to tell their stories in the media and provides a fund to bring together sex workers around the world

Erotic Performance Artist:

Dominic Master – Tall, charming, elegant and fetish-comic, gay unicorn; a messy anal squirter – WINNER

Mister Meredith – Witty, cross-dressing singer and story-teller who performed with passion

Missa Blue – Theatrical and polished performer with a stunning body. She is dedicated to creating new acts, and immensely popular at the Box and Torture Garden. She performed for us a Wu Shu act – Missa Blue's version of the classic film, Kill Bill

Publicist/ Writer of the Year:

Frankie Mullin – Young sexual-health journalist who writes outspoken and ground-breaking articles about striptease, sex work and pornography for Vice and the broadsheets – WINNER

Richard Hillgrove – PR man and publicist supporting sex work, and Charlotte Rose's work in particular

Melissa Gira Grant – Writer and freelance journalist covering sex, technology, and politics. Her latest book, Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work, challenges the myths about selling sex and the people who claim them

Sex Worker of the Year:

Nikita – Midlands sex worker who wrote a moving piece on her relationship with a dying client – WINNER

Rab – London-based male sex worker specialising in people living with disabilities

Laura Lee – Independent Escort in Glasgow who speaks to the media and fights for sex workers rights

Specialist of the Year:

Annabel Newfield – Tantric practitioner and assistant tantra teacher – WINNER

Sarah Rose Bright – Liverpool-based pioneer in the field of sexuality; sex coach, tantra teacher, certified Taoist practitioner and Certified Somatic Sex Educator; the first British practitioner to become a Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Becky Price – Tantric practitioner who worked with a tetraplegic and gave him his first orgasm since his injury by stimulating part of his head; assistant tantra teacher and Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Stripper of the Year:

Lou Safire – Gay man who performed an utterly mesmerising balletic swan act with extraordinary timing – WINNER

Le Snake Fervor – A pretty, well-known and experienced performer who gave us a delicate fire show of visual beauty and immaculate choreography

Little Lauren – Punky American young performer who is the star of the Box. She performed an arty frantic act, took selfies of her pussy and ending by patting it hard to produce gushes of ejaculate

Support Professional / Ally of the Year:

National Ugly Mugs – Organisation (part of the UK Network of Sex Work Projects) to which sex workers can report unpleasant clients; the organisation uses the information to warn other sex workers and potentially save their lives – WINNER

Myles Jackman – Solicitor who supports sex workers and fights for fairness in the world of commercial sex

English Collective of Prostitutes – Organisation with a long history who often represent the sex trade in the media

Volunteer – Special Outsiders Award:

Jamie Willmott – Supports Tuppy and entertains our members – WINNER